DINEOF (Data INterpolating Empirical Orthogonal Functions) is an EOF-based technique to reconstruct missing data in satellite images. The last 10 days are shown, and this product is updated daily with the latest SST data.

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Note: Units are degrees Celsius


  • Here DINEOF is applied daily to VIIRS SST data from the PODAAC ftp site. This is GHRSST Level 3C North Atlantic Regional (NAR) subskin Sea Surface Temperature from SNPP/VIIRS (GDS V2) produced by OSI SAF.
  • DINEOF is run on 6 months of data a first time to calculate a first EOF basis
  • Outliers are calculated and removed, following Alvera-Azcárate et al (2012) (full description here).
  • DINEOF is run a second time to calculate the final dataset.
  • Figures are prepared and posted on this webpage.
  • The whole procedure takes about 3 hours. If DINEOF is run only once, then in 1.5 hours.

You can download DINEOF here.